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Residential Roofing

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I bought a home that needed a new roof.  I knew it would cost quite a bit, but Agelis Roofing offered an awesome payment plan that made this investment doable. I really enjoyed how they’re a small company that works with one client at a time. Elias answered all of my questions and they did a great job!

MA Home Owner

Residential Roofing Services Near You

Residential Roof Replacement

Replacing a Roof is the best option for an old and problematic roof. It guarantees a brand new, safe and secure cover of your precious home. Your new roof will be built with excellent craftsmanship and the highly rated roofing materials.

Residential Flat Roofing

The installation of a Flat Roof must be done by a trusted and experienced Roofer. Like us! We Repair and Install Brand New Flat Roofs! Waterproofing every seam and edge is what makes a flat roofing job perfect, and we deliver no less than perfect!

Residential Chimney Reflashing

The Seal around your chimney may be slowly causing your roof to rot! We understand leak patterns and the waterproofing (reflashing) of the chimney is a must if you want to prolong the health of your Roof!

Residential Roofing Repair

Of Leaks, Damage Repair, Partial Replacement, Our professionals have years of experience repairing roofs in Massachusetts.

Residential Roofing Inspection

The New England Seasons take a toll each year on your roofs’ ability to keep your home safe. A small repair may be all you need. Prevent terrible damage with a quick Roof Inspection.

Residential Skylight Leaks

Those spots around your skylight might mean it’s leaking. Our sealing experts will reseal your skylights ensuring a leak-proof source of natural light in your home.

Residential Skylight Replacement

Need someone that knows exactly what they’re doing with your windows and is not afraid of heights? We’re your guys! We repair and replace skylights so your home can be shine without any leaks!

Residential Copper Valleying

The valleys on your Roof are the most susceptible to damage. Installing a Copper Valley guarantees your home the most robust defense against mold, moss build-up, and heavy rainfall seeping through the valley of your roof.

Other Roofing Services

Roof Top Snow Removal

Snow sitting on your roof can do a lot of damage! Not only is it dangerous to your property but it can create harmful situations for those nearby.

We carefully remove snow from your roof and relocate it to a safer spot. Securing your roof from any winter caused damage.

Ice Dam Removal

The snow on your roof has melted into dangerous ice dams that can damage your roof or worse… hurt somebody!
Our professionals remove ice dams from your roof in the safest manner possible to protect your home and your loved ones.



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